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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 23. 23rd September 1973

The Logic of the Anti-Abortionists

The Logic of the Anti-Abortionists

Dear Sirs,

Anti-abortionists on campus seem to dislike being associated with the most extreme advocate of their views: H.P. Dunn, senior obstetrician and gynaecologist at National Women's Hospital in Auckland. Yet they sell his amazing pamphlet, "What's Wrong With Abortion?" on their literature tables.

For those who have yet to come across this collection of ravings, here is a sample: Dunn says that a consequence of legal abortion is that "The sexual revolution will have finally succeeded. Pregnancy is the only event that stands in the way of complete sexual freedom. At present there it in society a peak incidence of fornication, adultery, divorce, sterilisation, contraception, homosexuality and related perversions. " (My emphasis.)

There are 46 pages of such revelations in this pamphlet. I can warmly recommend it to those who would like some light relief from study. But when you've stopped laughing, please remember the power that this man has over women's bodies, as a gynaecologist, and the influence of his kind in preventing the removal of laws against contraception and abortion.

As I said, Dunn's student allies are embarrassed by his ultra-reactionary views, particularly those on sexual freedom. But I wonder if they are not in fact basically in agreement with him? I am sure that many of those opposed to abortion — even the so-called liberals — see sex outside marriage, or sex for enjoyment, as something wrong for which one should fully expect to be punished. For that reason, they not only abstain from sex themselves (which is their right), but do their utmost to spoil it for others — in particular; by trying to prevent women from freeing themselves from unwanted pregnancies.

Kay Goodger.