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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 23. 23rd September 1973

What the Right is on about

What the Right is on about

Dear Sir,

The following passage taken from "The Little White Book" serves to illustrate clearly the capitalists' obsessive fear of commun'sm and readiness to grasp at any excuse to blame the latter for their own failures and frustrations. Note the similarity this stupid statement has with Mr Jack de Silva's recent ravings about subversion....

"At the moment many of you are exposed to a strange influence from the Orient. It can begin with music and colours, bare feet and the way you sit on straw mats, yoga and rice, together with strange words and pictures. But there is much more to it. On the surface it looks like a mild influence, but it is overpowering and often based on a Communist philosophy. This means your thoughts and inner being become bound so you can no longer do what you want. You become pawns in a plot that threatens our country. Some of you have already played so long with the forces of the Orient that you have lost your freedom.

"From the Orient you have learned to become 'tolerant'. From the Orient you have been taught that there are many outlooks on life, many different philosophies and that you should be big enough to contain them all.

"What you have learnt from the Orient is not completely devoid of the truth. But this is the dangerous thing about it."


A Red Malay.