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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 23. 23rd September 1973

Dr. Silva Fried

Dr. Silva Fried

Dear Sirs,

Talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken, we [unclear: he] a big Malaysian chicken here in Wellington. [unclear: We] else but the High Commissioner Jack De [unclear: Sliva]!

In making stupid accusations about the Mal-[unclear: tan] students here is damn bloody childish [unclear: i] this goes to show how ignorant the Malaysian Government is in sending goons like Jack to NZ

I'm quite sure all Malaysians will agree with [unclear: r] that he is just a 'pain in the arse'. It is good [unclear: read] that Professor Campbell and the Victori [unclear: dass] have strongly criticised such allegation! [unclear: haps] all the Malaysian students all sectors of [unclear: F]W should point out to the Malaysian Government not to send people like Jack De Sil [unclear: afoad] until they have attained political maturity.

What makes him a real chicken is for turning [unclear: dow]n an interview on Gallery. It is typical of [unclear: Maysian] politicians in making incredible [unclear: usations] and chickening out when being [unclear: saurised].

Perhaps he is scared of being 'fried' during [unclear: interviews] on Gallery. That would really be [unclear: nething] to look for — Malaysia's own [unclear: d] chicken!!

Finally, as a Malaysian, I hope that the University would press for an apology by Jack [unclear: Silva] to the foreign powers whom he claimed [unclear: shit]-st irring' the Malaysian students. I, for one, [unclear: d] it hard to believe.

[unclear: Sincerely,] [unclear: Pissed]-Off malaysian.