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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 23. 23rd September 1973

The Silent Majority Stirs..

The Silent Majority Stirs...

Dear Sir,

The time has come for one of the student proletariat to make his conservative miserable objections heard. Start with a bloody great knife into Cunningham (this week reported giving away thousands).

That got elected on utterances like: "I will just generally liaise," and keep the students in contact with the goings on at NZUSA. The only liaising of his that I recall at all was a very shitty four lines appended to a letter of similar complaint (different author) in a back issue of some time ago which mentioned certain acitivities going on at the time. All were a complete surprise to many readers, myself included.

I would very much like to be surprised again Cunningham, by full news, of agenda and discussions, and general guff from the annual NZUSA wank organised for each August vacation meeting. Gleanings from Critic and Canta have partly illuminated my darkness — but all from the south are revisionists, running dogs, imperialists or bureaucrats; Stephen Chan being all of them at once, so I want the correct (Maoist) interpretation from Salient and/or Cunningham as long as the varsity newspaper maintains some pretence of being the official organ of information. It is still commonly accepted that the co-editors are organs.

An NZUSA International Affairs Officer (even when a union won't have him as a secretary) gets 2500 good NZUSA dollars, he may get more; Cunningham might also liaise and tell us if it is time that fur 2500 we get an article and three photographs on the Portuguese atrocities in Angola and Mozambique. Nice work if you can get away with it, but you wouldn't unless you had the right friends. Well done Aleck I'm a Hutt Old Boy Shaw. Liaise on that one Cunningham

The subscription for the Student Association is forcibly extracted from us and we are not enrolled on the understanding that it is used to pay the building upkeep, newspaper, NZUSA levy, and subsidise (hardly even that) or pay for cultural and sporting activities around the place. Every time you so generously give out one cent for your particular worthy political cause of the moment you are in breach of the trust put in you and fellow executives members at the point of extraction.

Up Yours (if necessary)

Jonathan Livingston Owl.