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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 22. 1973

Norman the Conquerer

Norman the Conquerer

Dear Sirs,

It is interesting to read that 'Norman the Conquerer' claimed that the 'Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam had no status as a government and suggested that it was merely a puppet of Hanoi.

This argument seems to ring a bell. Checking through 'Keeping's Contemporary Archives' (page 23507 1969/1970) I came across a statement which was rather similar to that of our great conquerer, Norm. That statement was made by none other than the man who in front of the Pope swore, that 'there are no political prisoners in South Vietnam' — Adolf Von Thieu. On June 11 1969, when the P.R.G was established. Adolf Thieu described its establishment as 'a propaganda trick' and said 'of what value are governments formed by men hidden in the jungles and mountains who do not even dare reveal the place where their government is established?'

Well it seems that birds of a feather still stick together.

H.T. Lee


P.S. In 1959, the Saigon government diplomatic representative in Phnom Penh told British reporter Michael Field; "We are a government of desperadoes." Perhaps the Norman conquerers share this sentiment.