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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 22. 1973

"In Deep": — Argent, Epic SBPC 474095. Reviewed by Richard Best

"In Deep":

Argent, Epic SBPC 474095. Reviewed by Richard Best.

Now here's a nice competent album from Argent. Nice blue cover of the boys swimming underwater in a London pool and eight nice innocuous songs.

Argent, as we all know, are — for the most part — The Zombies. And whether it matters, the only place I've ever seen the odd Argent album is in the omnipresent "Sale/Chuck Out Bins".

"In Deep" is adequate. Like Free though, it's also all highly predictable — die chord changes come exactly where you expect them and Russ Ballard's tunes have that (for me) annoying quality of 'deja yu'.

Peter Rotherham would be pleased to hear the Socialist-inspired "It's Only Money Parts 1 and 2" with a mass of Grand Funk and Ticket (yes!) vocals. Family's Roger Chapman probably died in the arse at Rod Argent and Chris White's "Be Glad", an almost infallible rip-off from "Save Some for Thee" from Family's 1971 "Fearless" album.

Excuse the vapid cover notes and it's a fair enough album. A wee bit of it is quite excellent and no one could be unmoved by the soul in the six-minute "God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You".

Aaah, slut. Gimme some Roxy Music any day.