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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 20. 29th August 1973

Give us a fair go, mate

Give us a fair go, mate

Dear Sir,

it seems to men that the Salient is yet another very bias local rag. You talk of all the persecuted groups in society - take you prejudiced account of China and Rhodesia in your last few issues, you talk of womans liberation, and so on. Little do the people realise however that the paper carries on its own form of sinister persecution — it persecutes the Trotskyists' — about which you explain little truth, you persecute the Christians, you persecute the conservative forces within the country and so on.

You claim to be an impartial, liberal paper and yet while you detest affairs in Indo-China you ridicle the Christians.

Certainly, your paper cannot satisfy everyone, but it contributes little if anything to the now 'suppressed minority' on the campus — the Christians — the non-radical stirrers and so on. The paper is now becoming nothing else but a rag for filthy jokes and for impartial radical idiots who use the 'Salient' as a 'bandwagon' to jump on and shout forth their biased unfounded subversive ideas.

Certainly, do not censor all this, but on the other hand let the other groups also have a fair go. You may well find the paper becoming more popular and people becoming less critical of it.

It would be interesting to see the 'editors' views on this — no doubt denying the whole process.

Yous, Hugh Buchanan

[We have never claimed that Salient is "an impartial, liberal paper". Your faulty logic is only surpassed by your spelling and grammar which we have left unchanged as a tribute to New Zealand's crapped out education system.—Eds.]