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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 20. 29th August 1973

Dev's Dialectics Doubted

Dev's Dialectics Doubted

Dear Comrades,

From both the end-piece to Mr Devereux's letter and conversations with him as we sold our respective papers in Cuba Mall last Friday night, I have concluded that I am thought by him to be the author of the letter signed "Ex- Party Member" which appeared in Salient. As I am not the author of that letter, I would like to make these comments which arise from Mr Devereux's letter.

(i)I was not a member of the Communist Party in the period 1945-1970 and so do not qualify for the jibe that I contributed to the very real decline of the People 's Voice and the CPNZ. Mr Devereux would be better advised to look to his present leaders, almost all of whom have held their positions for many years.
(ii)A Manson-Bailey gang exists nowhere except in the columns of the People's Voice and the otherwise sterile imaginations of the national leadership of the CPNZ, Mr Devereux and his alter-ego Mr N Wright. [unclear: Moover], I do not draw my political inspiration from either Jack Manson or Rona Bailey — as anyone with any real contact with the left movement in Wellington well knows. An oddity: Mr N Wright announced the demise of this non-existent gang in the People's Voice some months ago, so how have Mr Devereux's misleaders come to the conclusion that it is the driving force behind The Paper? - that puzzles me.
(iii)I resent the implication that I am so craven as to hide my views of the CPNZ (or anything else for that matter) behind the curtain of anonymity. As Mr Devereux may well recall, we held a short correspondence in these columns last year. I do not conceal my views and aims.
(iv)As an aspiring Marxist of Scottish descent I resent Mr Devereux's distortions of both Marx- ism-Leninism and Robert Bums.

Yours fraternally,

T. S. Auld