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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 17. July 18th, 1973

Arrogant Administrators

Arrogant Administrators

Dear Roger,

Vice-Chancellor Taylor may be 'as sensitive as the next man' but Vice-Chancellor Llewellyn (of Waikato) most certainly is not. He seems more concerned with the ACU Edinborough junket than with its lingering racist overtones or with its capitalist manifestations.

Ten people from Waikato are going to Edinborough at the moment: the Chancellor, immediate ex-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, and Registrar; and the well known Professor, Hans Nieschmid, is attending informally [unclear: tion;] add to this five wives (and kids no doubt), and the party/junket begins to sound like Barnam's Circus...or a CIA convention.

First-class around-the-world air-fares are being provided for the honorable gentlemen (expenses have been sidestepped so far, but a six week holiday won't be free exactly), and they intend to travel second-class so that their wives can get virtually free rides around the globe on University money which could be better spent on Marxist literature — at least $10,000 worth — to begin to right the grossly bourgeois imbalance which exists in course content, required and recommended reading, and academics' personal political leanings.

Students at Waikato are pissed off by the arrogance of the University Administrators, and a petition will be submitted to Council on July 23 such that the University send no form of delegation to the ACU Congress on the ground that to do so would be a complete waste of money.

The withdrawal of the White South African Universities and the University of Rhodesia in the face of boycott threats simply makes the hypocrisy of these bureaucrats easier to disguise: their arrogance and affluence are symptomatic of the system of which they are willing tools, and of the University of which they are the knowing betrayers.


Carl B. Gordon