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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 17. July 18th, 1973

Arts Festival 1973

Arts Festival 1973

The concept of Arts Festival 1973 is summed up in its name — Cumtogetha The aim is for a total cultural experience through the lifestyle of the participants — the festival is those who attend. This does not mean that festival-goers will simply be left alone in Christchurch. But, as in the past, what people do will be largely up to them, with the difference that, instead of just sitting watching and listening, as much as possible people will be encouraged to create and organise their own activities, with venues, materials and communication systems supplied. Where there was a fine arts exhibition, there will be a workshop. Where there was an organised rock concert, equipment will be provided so that a concert can take place. Where there was a dance group contracted to perform on so many occasions, they will be hired to mingle and encourage everyone to dance.

Cumtogetha will be structured so as to provide the maximum opportunity for people to formulate their own festival. The way to achieve this is to bring people together in groups, for only when people can identify with a group can they relate outside themselves (this is the essence of Gemeinschaft). Thus people will relate to a principal group, Cumtogetha itself, and then to groups within the framework of Cumtogetha, e.g. a media workshop, an encounter group, a rock concert, etc. In short, fuel, fire, utensils, and uncooked food will be provided, and the rest is up to you.

Cumtogetha will be held togetha by the use of badges as registration cards, Kurrency (to buy liquor, food, posters, arts and crafts, and other things), and the concentration of the festival in a circle a mile across, so that all venues will be within easy walking distance of each other and accommodation. Internal communications at Cumtogetha will be triply efficient — a daily newssheet and a radio station, as well as graffiti. Organisation is well underway — planning of domes in Hagley Park, negotiation for electronic equipment, application for a radio licence, and the enticing of the Wizard of Melbourne University to Christchurch.