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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 17. July 18th, 1973

Salient Notes

Salient Notes

(with scant apologies to the propagandists of Kim U Sung)

Under the correct guidance and unswervingly revolting leadership of our respected and beloved leader, boundlessly benevolent and paternally affectionate, brilliant and sagacious, father of all undergraduates Roger Steele, Salient was produced a day earlier than Thursday, which would have made it a day late, as usual. Following our great leader Roger Steele in all things and upholding his revolutionary teachings, trusting firmly in his guidance and keeping ever vigilant against opportunism, revisionism, sectarianism, adventurism, putchism, Bonapartism, liberalism and the cult of the personality were loyal comrades Neil Pearce, Bruce Robinson, Graeme Collins, Les Atkins, Don Franks (who composed this paean), Lloyd Weeber, Jonathan Hughes, Stephen Hall, Les Slater, Keith Stewart and Peter Rumble.

Constantly to the fore in the struggle against the iron heeled jackboot of the oppressor and learning from our respected and beloved leader in all things were the heroines of Salient: Helen Pankhurst, Susan Williams and Claire Smith.

Such is the benevolence of our beloved and respected leader Roger Steele that critics of this week's Salient will be given a choice of a filter or non-filter last cigarette before they are shot.

Cartoon of sheep in a walking mill

Copy Deadlines

Contributions should be typed or written legibly double-spaced on one side of the paper only, and should be in the hands of the Editors by Wednesday evening. Late contributions will also be considered.


Our new advertising manager is Brian Hegarty, phone 70-319 (ext. 75 & 81) at Salient, or 87-530 (Upper Mutt) at home.

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