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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 16. 12th July 1973

Dominion Versus China

Dominion Versus China

Dear Sir,

The following paragraph was not included by the "Dominion" when I wrote recently to spurious charges of illicit dope dealings on the part of the People's Republic China. The accusations were originally made by the Nationalist Chinese Minister of the Interior and further "evidence" produced by one Oscar Summerville in a letter to the editor of the "Dominion". There was no mention to the effect that my letter had been edited or abridged.

If Mr Summerville wants further details of CIA and US ally involvement in the South East Asia Opium trade I refer him to the "New Opium War", a study originally printed in Ramparts and reprinted locally in "Salient", July 1971. Further evidence of the complicity of the Central Intelligence Agency, Nationalist Chinese and other US allies in illegal narcotics was suggested when President Nixon in his recent damp-down on opiates focused attention on the Middle East poppy fields and completely neglected the South East Asian area. I believe this was done deliberately to avoid embarassing the US and its few remaining "friends" in the region, and bringing the Indochina war into even greater disrepute.


Paul Burns.

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