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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 36, No 11 May 30th, 1973

Abortion and Human Values [Letter from Jennifer Ritchie]

Dear Sir,

The talk given by Evelyn Reed last term, was like most of the other statements of the pro-abortion clique, laden with inaccuracies and false notions.

First, Miss Reed said that unwanted babies were the prime victims of beatings by frustrated parents. But Professor Lenowski, Department of Pediatrics, USC Medical School, from a four-and-a-half year survey, found that 90 per cent of the victims were children of planned pregnancies.

Second, her statement that men can have no inkling of what having a baby means to a women was destroyed by her expressed sympathetic understanding of the situation faced by the victims, men and women of American atrocities in Vietnam. Perhaps Miss Reed has never known a loving, sensitive man who can, as she can, feel for and with others.

Concerning 'unwanted pregnancies', if a women does not want a child she should have the responsibility to make sure that conception did not take place. There are moral methods of doing so. Also in New Zealand there is a long waiting list of parents eager to have an adopted child. Orphanages in New Zealand do not provide a home for children without parents but for children of broken homes.

Miss Reed and the abortionists talk about abortion being a women's right. In abortionist's talk the myth that abortion is not the killing of human life and that the foetus is just an appendage of the mother, is asserted regardless of scientific evidence.

If these militant women spent their energies fighting the structures and attitudes in society which make it hard for a women, married or not, to securely have her child, we would all offer our support. But we cannot support a doctrine of greater convenience for a woman while oppressing the unborn child, about whom there is, as Evelyn Reed said herself, complete unconcern.


Jennifer Ritchie