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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 36, No 11 May 30th, 1973

Wylie's Verbage

Wylie's Verbage

How has Cathy Wylie, who seems to be no more than a well-meaning liberal, managed to wile herself into the 'peoples' friend. Salient? Each week or so we have seen reviews on that bastion of bourgeoise Karori taste — Downstage. Cathy noted token objections to what she calls 'Downstage fare' but at least she confined her verbosity to the dramatic arts. But in the last issue of Salient Cathy broke into the field of politics. Now I've always managed to avoid reading the drama column, especially as I have no real wish to visit Downstage, but when I see a review of a well known Trotskyite feminist my eyes for some reason stick to the page. But by the time I had waded through this mass of verbiage I wished I hadn't. At the end I had no real idea what it was all about and had the impression that here was a follower in style if not viewpoint of Levi Strauss well known composer of books and anthropological mumbo jumbo.

Perhaps in the future Miss Wyllie could spend less time flaunting her intellectuality and writing in a manner that makes the average student feel that he is an illiterate bum. A little less hedonistic word-mongering and a bit more intelligable and concrete discussion would be welcomed in her future efforts.

Yours amicably,

Jeff Wilson.