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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 36, No 11 May 30th, 1973

Religion is Hogwash

Religion is Hogwash

Dear Sir,

In the last few Salients there have been letters from Christians attacking the idea behind some liberation movements of this time and also the tenets of Marxism. But I'd like to know what sort of superior creatures these Christians think themselves. They criticise other groups but lets have a look at their own situation.

Modern man has systematically discarded those elements of belief Christians hold most dear, reducing Christianity to a joking matter. The 'God is dead' movement of modern scientific atheism cannot accept the supernatural, the existance of God. There is simply no proof for God's existence.

The Bible is now regarded by scholars as a collection of ancient myths or the ravings of religious enthusiasts. Christ is now seen as only an original character confronting simple people, that is, if he existed at all.

The Church — meaning the Catholic Church — the other bodies being mere deviationists — is a power structure corrupt and self-seeking. It has no significance for man and with its authoritarian leadership is actually harmful to its unthinking members. The Church cannot give proof that what it teaches it true. So why doesn't it up and die and leave people in peace.

However the worst manifestation of religious hogwash is Christian morality. The Church's moral teaching, as I see it, is a matter of submission to the most grotesque fears and fallacies about people's behaviour that can be found.

In a phrase Christianity is irrational and irrelevant. So you Christians should just give up or shut up!

Truely yours,

Noel Blake.