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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 36, No 11 May 30th, 1973

Joe Cocker — Lo and Behold AML 34662

Joe Cocker — Lo and Behold AML 34662

"Pardon me, son, if what I'm saying brings, you down.
But that's the only way to show you thatl'm a clown. "

Thus Joe Cocker begins his fourth (and final?) album, setting a mood that permeates every groove. However you initially approach it, in the final analysis Lo and Behold" can only be seen as Cocker's personal statement concerning the hassles built into the life of a rock star, cheif among which seems to be self-inflicted damage.

From a conceptual point of view, the album is more restrained and subtle, but less together than its predecessors. The flash and sparkle that marked "With a Little Help..." and "Cocker!" have disappeared, and the crazed anarchy that threatened to drown Cocker on "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" has also been shoved aside. In its place is a smaller, more complementary unit led by longtime friend, Chris Stainton.

The album itself is split into two distinct thematic section: Cocker's delineation of his present plight, which overshadows and is often mingled with the second: Cocker's roots, the blues, cither way Cocker never sounded more anguished, it's as if his own personal demon had his neck wrapped tightly in an armlock — and was gradually increasing pressure to "throttle", the lyric of "Black-eyed Blues" captures all the agony:

"I need the total fascination of the Black-eyed blues,
Total Destination of the colour I choose,
I don't mind if you turn me around,
Just as long as it gets fine,
oh, it gets fine."

The theme is repeated graphically in the cover photograph, which has his head encircled in a ring of flames, and again during "Something To Say", Cocker's paranoid, anxiety-laden prognosis of the future:

"Soon, I'll have to go and get back on the road,
Then I'll have no reason left at all."

If you are a faithful Cocker freak, listen to this album, if for no other reason that to hear what he sounds like without accompaniment from the Western Springs beer can bashers. There's enough here to make it worthwhile. If you're not, listen anyway, if only for realisation of just how badly drugs can screw you up.

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