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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 36, No 11 May 30th, 1973

Robots Before 1984

Robots Before 1984

A little-known American police service, the National Security Agency, which depends on the Pentagon, has double the credits granted to the C.I.A. An electronic engineer working there has drawn up a plan envisaging the permanent fixing of miniature transmitter-receivers onto a tenth of the American public — i.e. 20 million people. These machines would be monitored by fixed transmitter receivers in towns and areas to be checked. About 250 machines would cover Harlem. The aim would be to inform a central computer of the movements of any miniaturised machine bearer. Any suspicious movement would bring the police. Alteration or removal of the machine would be a criminal offence. Successful experiments have already been conducted on Volunteers" from American prisons.

Cartoon of two boys talking. Aw go on Tom! Policemen just fight crooks and stuff like that! You'd Be Surprised

The system is designed to control a large segment of the population — people involved in protest marches, foreign elements, political minorities and "urban guerillas" — some 20 million in all. American scientists are now planning to connect miniaturised transmitter-receivers directly to the brain. The excitement of certain areas of the brain would incite, or totally stop, certain actions. Persons who accept treatment, or are forced, would be tele commanded like robots. Results to date are "extremely hopeful".

These techniques could be speedily introduced into European and other countries. If we are not careful a police universe will develop, as envisaged in "1984".