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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 36, No 11 May 30th, 1973

Rip~Off News Service

page 9

Rip~Off News Service

Emiliano Zapata Salazar

The Ring of Confidence

From the Berkeley Barb in the States comes some fascinating information. One of last year's issues of the Journal of the American Association of Dentistry had five pages missing when it finally reached the public. An article scheduled for publication was deleted at the last minute. In fact, about fifty issues with the article included were printed, and they contain some mind-boggling thoughts.

The censored article contains the report of a dentist, Dr Derbert Fieser, who practised on the west side of New York's Greenwich Village.

He noticed that his patients had a relatively low rate of tooth decay and mouth disease. Through further investigation, he discovered that the least incidence of cavities was found in the male homosexuals.

The dentist attempted to determine if there was another factor in common besides their homosexuality. Said Dr Fieser, "I could find nothing in common among these men except for their homosexuality. Nothing in diet, frequency of brushing, or brand of toothpaste established any pattern among the patients."

Fieser consulted many psychiatrists and still met with a dead end, talked with a doctor who specialised in "sexual abnormalities." The doctor 'jokingly suggested that perhaps semen was better than fluoride.

Although this was meant as a joke, the doctor decided to scientifically examine the premise He visited the New York University "Laboratory of Human Relations" and procured several samples of human semen.

The doctor then divided his non-homosexual patients into two groups. A control group had their teeth brushed with a regular commercial brand of toothpaste and a lest group had their teeth brushed with the semen samples.

After 5 months, Dr Fieser re-examined both groups. Those to whom he had applied the semen had 50% fewer cavities. The doctor tested his homosexual patients and discovered that the enamel on their teeth was actually harder than normal.

"I don't know what this will mean for the homosexual movement," said Dr Fiescr, "but it sure makes things easier than dumping all that fluorine in everybody's water."

No Long Hairs in Pecos

Pecos, Texas — A minister in this desolate West Texas hamlet startled his congregation when he observed during a recent sermon that "Jesus Christ would have been picked up for long hair, had He walked through Pecos. Texas."

The minister wasn't far wrong Reeves County Sheriff A B Nail who likes to be referred to as the "Law West of the Pecos declared war on long-hairs and started out by picking up unwary hitchhikers Once arrested, they could expect — at a minimum — to have their heads shaved and spend two days in the county jail

Nail freely admits that force is used if a prisoner objects to a haircut, but he maintains that it's all in the interest of cleanliness Besides, he says. "85% of the people in the jail are — were long-hairs That indicates to me that practically all thugs wear long hair."

Hitchhikers who finally made it out of the Pecos jail started talking to lawyers and describing the rough treatment they received and now at least once complaint has been filed with the FBI Peter Elliott Kelsey 21. was hitching from California to see his parents in Texas when he was picked up, roughed up, shorn and locked up Kelsey's father lodged an angry complaint with the FBI which is now investigating the Law West of Pecos" Sheriff Nail says he isn't worried "I never had any doubt in my mind that I was right in what I was doing"

Showrooms Bugged

Automobile showrooms are being bugged so that a salesman can leave the room and then listen in on any conversation the prospective clients may hold. In this way he can often find out what the customers are really interested in — like a particular colour, or price range — and return with an offer that is hard to refuse.

This information was printed in a report released by the San Francisco based Consumer Action Group and was written by an ex-car salesman. Mike Harris, who says this type of activity is quite normal The Consumer Action Group is urging consumers to be wary of discussing an automobile deal in or around the offices of car salesmen

Mona Lisa winking

Heads we Win...

Last Tuesday The Herald published a report of a disturbing episode without the slightest flicker of awareness of its implications A woman had attempted to hang herself with a blanket in a New South Wales police station lock-up A policeman saw her attempt and with a fellow constable managed to prevent its successful completion

The subsequent reaction of the police was not to have her seen by a doctor, or placed under intensive psychiatric care, or any other reasonable rehabilitative moves She was Charged in Court Next Day with Malicously Damaging the Three Dollar Blanket and Convicted of the Offence.

One would almost suspect that the function of police was to protect property rather than people

People will Share

Claude Lazevis restaurant in Pans has surprised almost everyone by announcing that it is operating at a profit after one year of business

Why the surprise? Because Claude's restaurant called The Sampiere Corse, doesn't present its customers with a check Instead, eaters are told to pay what they can afford People who are broken are actually encouraged to eat without paying a penny

The Parisian restaurateur is a dedicated Communist who is convinced that people — if given the opportunity — really will share what they have The restaurant has no checks no cash registers and no cashiers Instead, people merely put their money into an open cash box and take out the change they believe they are entitled to. So far, the concept is working.

Role of Science

There are more scientists in the United States today working to develop fruit flavored vaginal deodorant sprays than are working on methods to detect the causes of birth defects

That is the finding of Doctor Michael S Jacobson of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non profit consumer research organization in Washington. D. C.

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