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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 36, No 11 May 30th, 1973

The Right Hand Column

The Right Hand Column

The Right Hand Column

The Right Hand Column

Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame must have been very pleased to hear that George Wallace was still alive if not kicking after his shooting accident. The Colonel, you see, was a five figure contributor to Wallace's election campaign and supplied his Chunder Chicken to the Wallace entourage on the hustings. Serves them right, you may feel, but the episode does seem to indicate a certain affinity between peddlers of gastronomic and political catastrophes. And of course it will give patrons of Kentucky Fried an even warmer feeling in the guts to know that their money goes to support the far right wing of Yankee politics.

Glad to see the Wellington Public Service Association have got things sorted out. You may recall a hoohah over the local Association lining itself up with a governing body to help H.A.R.T. Well by coincidence one leading light in the local PSA is our pensioner student Mike Law, who has more than a passing interest in H.A.R.T. Well the upshot was that the Wellington PSA had an SGM or something and over-turned the proletariats thoughts on the matter and refused to support, or more to the point disassociated themselves from H.A.R.T. Haven't seen Mike [unclear: bately], but its good to see him go down once in a while.

Mat Rata is doing a great job at Ministerial level in Govt, these days. In fact Mat has really been doing his homework of late. Seems he wrote a letter to the Municipal Association (the Council of local bodies) asking them to advise members in very strong terms to stop discriminating against race on council forms etc. or he would have to pass a law against it. Seems Mat didn't want any distinguishing between Europeans and Maoris. Unfortunately Mat was pipped to the post, in fact way back in 1958 by the last Labour Govt, which introduced the Bill then and it has been law ever since. Mat wasn't to know I suppose, he was only elected about 1961 and possibly hasn't had time to read it up.

One item which won't be reported elsewhere in this issue, but I feel may be of interest to Commerce Students, is the recent appointment of Dr. Szakats to the Professor of Law at Otago University. One of the more human academics up here, I'm sure he will he missed, hut it is a well deserved post.

Seems that PBEC was held in Australia over the May holidays. All sorts of elaborate plans were laid to make sure that no disruptions occurred. The boys even organised things here so that if anyone tried to leave NZ for the conference that wasn't wanted, ie, a Vic stirrer, they would get turned away at Sydney airport. Anyway it wasn't necessary. The conference was held at the Wentworth Hotel, with plenty of people by the doors in case there was any trouble. Result not one student in sight. They were all meeting the Vietnamese delegation. Result no news whatsoever for the PBEC people in the local press, despite 5 Press Conferences, while the reds got all they wanted. Seems if you want publicity make sure you have the students.

Just in case you got this far and wondered why the copy is so slack, well its all because of you slackers... for God's sake send us some anonymous shit stirs etc. and we'll look them up — guaranteed no editorial interference. Without your help I can't get the info.

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