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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 10. 23rd May 1973

Radical teachers ineffective

Radical teachers ineffective

6.University is the end of a process of mis-education. The role of the teacher and students has already been defined by many years of schooling. Therefore, the radical teacher who questions the assumptions of his/her field has little effect as students are unwilling or unable to adopt a critical attitude. They accept what is given for exam regurgitation as this is what they have previously been trained to do. In accepting this most do not try to understand and apply the knowledge to their own society and lives. Therefore, the radical teacher only has a politicising impact of a few in any given class. (VUW)
7.Class reps in departments and faculties have failed to understand points 5 and 6 and have therefore had little effect in making the university more 'educational'. Often class reps are still a token and regarded by fellow students as a joke, especially at the important Stage I level. This is because class reps don't know what is required of them and because they don't know most of the students in the class. (AU) As Stage 1 class reps fail to be effective the chances for latter years are correspondingly lowered. The course assumptions are dealt with at the Stage 1 level and the mind further on the path of 'colonisation' at the end of it.