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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 10. 23rd May 1973

The Hart Room is a Brothel

The Hart Room is a Brothel


I don't know whose prerogative it is to hand out rooms in the Student Union, but in my opinion someone's made a bad mistake. There was a nice big room a majority of students, (if they wanted to) had access to; i.e. the club storage room, on the middle floor. Now the clubs, with their lockers and Gestetner, have been pushed downstairs into a 'cubicle', hardly fit for breathing or moving around, and god only knows what happened to the upstairs room. It is a real brothel — and that's understating the case. Whoever the pricks are who inhabit the place, its about time they learnt to treat our property with a bit more respect. You see, the room is locked, so the average student (ok, so he/she doesn't give a damn anyway) doesn't know about the orgies and free-for-alls that must go on in there. I have no objections to that kind of behaviour — when you're wrecking you own property — but to splodge paint all over the floor, mess up the walls — I haven't looked at the ceiling; and I'm no tidiness fanatic, but anyone who saw the state of the room would also be highly annoyed, especially considering the transformation from its pristine glory when it was a club room!

What I object to is that four or five people who are in there occasionally have the right to really screw the place up behind locked doors! The evidence is there, plain to see, its just that not many people get to see inside the place. I suggest that Studass tries evicting them down-stairs — after all, they've proven they don't know how to look after the room which of course can be looked upon as "our" property — and gives the clubs back a room that they appear better qualified to use.


Marion Kolston.

[Part of the mess was caused by Ultra Rightist Adventurers enraged when the tour was stopped. The rest is creche gear. The occupants of the room are not bound to bourgeois standards of tidiness — why should they be?]