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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 10. 23rd May 1973

The First Apocryphal Dream: Incest

The First Apocryphal Dream: Incest

A young boy decides
he wants to go to bed with his mother,
who has given him
ample indication
that it's all right to do that.
And because the boy's mother
and father sleep in separate rooms, there's
no problem about the boy's going in
which he does one night
but in the morning they can't get separated.
It seems
the mother's vagina
has for some reason begun to expand
and started to pull the boy back inside her,
which creates a problem
because he is 10 years old.
But thank God he isn't a big boy
and the mother is able
to strap him to her body
with two of her husband's belts, tho
most of him is still outside of her
but if he hunches up in a ball
she can cover him with an old maternity dress.
Now the father is quite shocked
when he notices but the mother is very coy
and delicate and says she's been to the doctor that day
and that she's been pregnant for months.
She tells him their son
left just that morning for camp.
Now the marvelous thing
is that the father becomes very attentive again
to the mother after 10 years of ignoring her,
and begins to bring flowers and candy.
And the mother feels delicate and feminine
again, and the boy keeps moving inside her.
And then after 4 months
of being fed in the bathroom
of close quiet talks with his mother
of hearing the tenderness between his parents
even his head goes inside
and the father finally
goes away on a business trip and the mother
goes to an out-of-the-way hospital.
When the father comes back the mother
tells him about the miscarriage
but neither of them are too sad
and take great pleasure
in having their son home from camp.
From that day on
the father sleeps in the mothers bedroom,
the son takes
the bedroom his father has vacated
and begins to get interested in girls.