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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 10. 23rd May 1973

The Rape Of The Lock

The Rape Of The Lock

""I've tried to unlock it but alas no avail, the cunning old bastard has fitted a Yale, Hey Nonny nonny Fitted a Yale Fitted a Yale

The cunning old bastard has fitted a Yale" — from an olde English Folk song — circa 1960.

Most people in our property owning democracy have at some time suffered the inconvenience of being locked out of their cars, offices, houses, or sale deposit boxes etc through the misfortune of having lost or mislaid the key. Or one might have been in some strife over an intervening chastity belt, and unlike the page boy in the song unable to "gladly unlock it with a duplicate key".

Here, for the convenience of impoverished students unable to afford either replacement keys or the time to acquire them, is some information on overcoming this annoying predicament.

For more complex locks, combination locks etc, similar and different techniques may be neccessary, and for most students not possessing the required skills it would be neccessary to acquire the services of the Regimental locksmiths, although competence in these matters is restricted only by the limits to one's technical skill, manipulative dexterity and imagination.

It must be mentioned that possession of some of the tools described here might be viewed, quite reasonably, with some dismay, perhaps even hostility, by the Police Department, for unless one has a legitimate use for such devices it is the prerogative of the Police to suppose that such tools may be intended for criminal purposes. It was, therefore, with some reservations that we considered including this material from the American free press, but because students are as citizens socially committed to responsible and legal behaviour we present this information. However, the time and skills involved in acquiring competence as an amateur locksmith are no doubt beyond the patience, ability and, in some ways, the intelligence of most students.