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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 10. 23rd May 1973

Resources Control

Resources Control

Through extensive training and constant development of destructive techniques, the Special Forces detachment personnel learn the various materials and their many uses in making destructive devices. Through many extensive studies of their operational areas, they determine the availability of these materials to the local populations as well as the insurgent force. The Special Forces detachment commander is able to advise his counts experts on resources control measures to deny the insurgent access to such materials. The detachment commander must exploit all available means to help the local law enforcement agencies prevent essential resources from falling into the hands of the insurgent. The police and paramilitary forces in operational areas must be properly oriented and indoctrinated for this task.

a.In establishing requirements for resources control, priorities must be assigned to specific items to be denied the insurgent. Restrictions on certain items may be injurious to the attitude of the population, such as control of fertilizer in a primarily agrarian area. Two methods may be employed in controlling materials—
1.Price regulation.
b.Additional controls must be employed for materials that can be used as expedient in manufacturing improvised explosives. Adequate control of these items will depend upon properly trained, security personnel positioned at the production and distribution facilities for these sensitive items.
1.Physical security. Physical security should include check points for searching personnel and vehicular traffic entering and leaving installations; detection devices for certain items that react to electronic devices; clothing change points requiring personnel to shower and change clothes on entering or leaving installations.
2.Personnel security. Personnel security is more difficult; however. Special Forces personnel, working in close conjunction with local police and security elements, may instigate a personnel security investigation to insure that personnel selected for work are reasonably clear of implications with known insurgent members. Additional procedures may be —
a.Planting informers.
b.Offers of rewards for information.
c.Planting of erroneous information concerning activities.
d.Surveillance of after-duty-hour activities.
c.The use of resources control measures is sensitive and must be carried out with utmost discretion. Infringement upon the rights of the local population, through violence or needless oppression, will lose the population to the insurgent. Local law enforcement agencies should be closely supervised at all time during the operation.
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