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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 10. 23rd May 1973

Withdrawal of US Troops a Victory

Withdrawal of US Troops a Victory

"On March 29 this year, 90 days after the agreement was signed the last G.I. left for home. That marks a great victory. For the first time for over a hundred years there is not a single foreign combat soldier on Vietnamese soil. Vietnam was first under the yoke of the French colonists, then Japanese fascists, the French colonists again, and finally the U.S. imperialists."

The Provisional Revolutionary Government and the government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam see their main task at present as being to force the Americans and the Saigon Administration to strictly implement the provisions of the Paris Agreement. Since the agreement was signed on January 27 there have been many allegations in the western press that both sides have committed serious violations of it's provisions, especially those relating to the ceasefire. On the basis of these reports politicians such as Mr Kirk have stated that both sides in Vietnam are equally to blame for failing to restore peace in Indochina.