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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 10. 23rd May 1973

Aid Important for Showing Solidarity

Aid Important for Showing Solidarity

Although the Vietnamese delegation was optimistic about the future prospects of the struggle in their country, they never stopped reminding Australians that the conflict was by no means over. In thanking people throughout the world for supporting them, the P.R.G. and D.R.V. representatives stated that they still needed international support to force the Americans and Thieu to implement all the provisions of the Peace Agreement. Every expression of support was important, they said. They saw medical and reconstruction aid as an important way of showing solidarity with their cause, as well as being very useful in the reconstruction of their country.

At the delegation's last public meeting in Sydney Ken McLeod, secretary of the Sydney AICD, quoted Le Van Sou, the P.R.G. spokesman in Paris, on the meaning of international solidarity for the Vietnamese.

"He said we understand what solidarity means, however small it may be. Amongst our people there is a saying that a piece of bread when you are hungry is more precious than a banquet when you are full. The peace movement's voices of solidarity are more precious to us than all the gold in the world."

By their actions in bringing the world's most powerful nation to its knees the Vietnamese people have been fighting on behalf of people all over the world. They have shown the people of wealthy as well as oppressed countries that a decadent, dehumanised technological society can be defeated by ordinary people relying on their will to win and their own ingenuity. In their struggle against the Americans the Vietnamese have shown the way to true human liberation. For that reason especially we must keep on supporting them.