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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 10. 23rd May 1973

Military Delegates Harassed

[unclear: Military] Delegates Harassed

Two members of the P.R.G. delegation, [unclear: a] Mai and Le Hai, had been members of [unclear: e] P.R.G. contingent of the four party [unclear: int] Military Commission (which also [unclear: eludes] representatives of the D.R.V., [unclear: e] United States and the Saigon regime) [unclear: ich] was set up under the agreement to [unclear: lp] implement the ceasefire. They both [unclear: ovided] interesting insights into attempts [unclear: a] the Americans and Thieu to hinder [unclear: e] work of the J.M.C

Under Article 3 of the agreement the [unclear: med] forces of the two South Vietnam-[unclear: e] parties (the P.R.G. and the Saigon [unclear: Ad-inistration)] are required to remain in [unclear: ace] in the areas under their control at [unclear: e] time the agreement was signed. The [unclear: erated] areas controlled by the P.R.G. [unclear: e] scattered throughout South Vietnam [unclear: the] form of 'leopard spots', and the [unclear: lieu] Administration has attempted to [unclear: occupy] areas around the cities and [unclear: wns] it controls, areas around import-[unclear: it] communication lines, and areas on [unclear: nd] and coastal borders. Le Mai cited [unclear: e] case of the port town of Sa Huynh, [unclear: southern] Quang Ngai province, which [unclear: as] under P.R.G. control at the time of [unclear: ie] ceasefire. Five days later the Saigon [unclear: rces] reoccupied this town, and as the [unclear: R.G.] representatives on the J.M.C. had [unclear: lough] evidence of this violation they [unclear: ked] for a four party investigation.

Officers from the four parties were [unclear: nt] to the area, but when they arrived in [unclear: a] Nang the local representatives of the [unclear: hieu] regime organised a 'popular' attack [unclear: n] the D.R.V. and P.R.G. officers. Des-[unclear: ite] this the D.R.V. and P.R.G. represent-[unclear: tives] demanded that the investigation [unclear: ould] continue. Unable to intimidate [unclear: ieir] opponents the representatives of the [unclear: S.] and the Thieu Administration then [unclear: ibotaged] the mission by secretly return-[unclear: ng] to Saigon at night, so that the in-[unclear: estigation] could not continue.