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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 10. 23rd May 1973

Staff Club Liberated

Staff Club Liberated

After the meeting about 80 students went and liberated the Staff Club to air their grievances. Two hours of discussion with members of staff ensued as to the nature of the discontent. From the students it was stated that the problems outlined in the meeting were common problems which students faced in trying to gam an education. The implication behind the drop in attendence at university is that in fact the stress sustained in studying is not worthwhile. The scramble for grades and certificates is not an education and has actually stifled the growth of the powers of critical reflection that enable a student to take an active part in changing society.

Certification and grading has been foisted on the university by the business world for the purposes of stratifying students so that they can be fitted in to some appropriate level of society. It is obvious that what is taught in the university its designed to perpetuate the forms of our society. Courses that encourage critical reflection among students would have to start with the experience, of students in their environment. The evaluation of such a course would obviously be personal or measurable by the social changes it produced. This would be subversive of the existing order. Through the means of assessment and academic knowledge that is divorced from social relevance students are domesticated so that they will mindlessly maintain an order that is profitable to a few. The university like all other educational institutions in this country is a factory producing pacified identical products for consumption in the economy. It is little wonder that the pressure is high, the university is depersonalised, and enrolments are falling.

The question still remains: What can be done about the brain-dirtying peddled in the University under the guise of education?