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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 9. 1ts May 1973



Ever thought what might have happened to Elvis Presley if he'd signed up with say CBS, (and like Dylan been produced by someone like John Hammond) instead of falling in with that Nashville crowd? Just an idle thought on RCA records while spinning this new album. What a mess that company is. Its either been a graveyard for natural talent like Presley and the Airplane, or become the greedy, ignorant sponsor of trash like this. Its their second shot at the country rock market (remember Rio Grande?) and they're getting worse. Imagine the New Seekers doing the New Riders songbook and you've got it. For example can you dig a double tempo scoobied-up rendition of You Aint Going Nowhere? So don't be fooled by the determinedly counter-cultural cover, these cats have got their eyes on the hit single, the Andy Williams Show and on bookings at Vegas. The nicest thing about them is a girl singer who sounds a weebit tike Linda Ronstadt, but do you, in 1973, really want to lay out $5.75 for a watered down version of the Stone Poneys?