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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 8. 19th April 1973

World Vision Fraud

World Vision Fraud

The meeting decided to support this campaign and to expose the World Vision appeal for aid to Cambodia and Vietnam. World Vision is a pseudo christian 'aid' organisation which was set up in Korea in 1950. It makes no secret of the fact that its 'aid' is aimed only at areas controlled by the Thieu regime in South Vietnam and Lon Nol regime in Cambodia.

World Vision has boasted in a leaflet distributed throughout the country that it was the first private agency to aid refugees in Cambodia after the Lon Nol regime seized power. Lon Nol has asked World Vision to build a "Christian hospital" in Phnom Penh, which will be financed by its latest appeal. Mr John Calder, the Managing Director of South Pacific Construction Ltd., is to give his time voluntarily to help finalise planning of the hospital and to supervise construction. One wonders whose company will get the contract for the building?

A major resettlement programme in South Vietnam is the other major part of World Vision's plans. The aim of this programme is to place refugees who were bombed out of the countryside in model housing projects around Saigon. The refugees will be kept in areas under Thieu's control and prevented from returning to their homes in rural areas controlled by the P.R.G.

These proposals, which are supported by the Prime Minister and a number of church leaders, are cases of politically motivated aid at its worst. The aid that has been given by the C.O.V. and the N.Z. Medical Aid Committee to areas controlled by the liberation forces in Indochina is also politically motivated. But unlike World Vision the Vietnamese have been given medical supplies that they requested. In future the D.R.V. and the governments in the Iiberated areas of South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos will be given cash so they can spend it as they wish.