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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 8. 19th April 1973



Dear Sir,

It seems that the abortion issue can be reduced to a basic conflict concerning the rights of the foetus. The pro-abortionists claim that the foetus has no rights or at least fewer than those of the woman who bears it, and their claim to legal abortion for those who desire it is thereby consistant. The anti-abortionists, claiming that the foetus has rights as a human being, are at best inconsistent in granting those rights in a manner which denies the woman her rights. (Which I assume they respect). So it would seem that the anti-abortionists are in the shit, not knowing who deserves what. How then, can the necessarily conscious-stricken beasties ease their burden? Their primary objective should be to nip the problem in the buds by pushing world-wide anti-conception.

For the anti-abortionist, whether a woman has an abortion or not should make tittle difference since either way one party gets a raw deal. Hence, to blow the benevolent brain, why not solve the woman's problem and give the wee nipper a chance too? Make abortion legal and accessible and work towards providing an alternative life support system for the wee dit (thus keeping the pro-abortionists happy too). So here it is folks, you grab the out-going blob, toss it straight into a bucket to be left there for the regulation 9 months, then whit it out, dry it, spank it and air-freight it direct to an adoptive morally relaxed, ex-1973 anti-abortion campaigner for loving care and attention. J. Christ almighty etc. wot am I doing, a student, borthering about all this? Back to the fourth floor (Dy—Z) I scurry to peer through dirty windows V stuff.

Peter Hallwright.