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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 8. 19th April 1973

Abolish the Student

Abolish the Student

Dear Sir,

Your editorial hinted at the real fault with this university - the students. Indeed it is they who are the university's weakness. For the most part the so-called students are merely apprentices for status. If they were genuine scholars/ genuine students they just would not put up with the sloppy teaching, the crazy divisions of academic propriety and the mixing of learning with competition for social approval.

How can we rectify this? The obvious answer is to abolish the student (in his current form). This could be done by not awarding any more degrees. Enrolments next year would be down about ninety per cent. All that would remain would be a few people who just want to know, sitting at the feel of a small group of philosophers. (Which is exactly what we need and haven't got now). I for one, want to know. When I say such things some of my fellow students say "Yeah, but I've got so many essays to write I never have time to read anything". Others just look sick.

With respect, it would be better if this great institution did not exist. I absorb so much creative energy. Without it new things could grow.

P.R.H. Jackman.