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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 8. 19th April 1973

No Secrets

No Secrets



I was interested in reading the letter to Salient last week about the secrecy or otherwise of the Student Counselling Service. I would like to add to this an account of the case of a friend of mine, a bloke who went to see the counselling service in 1970 after finals when he was feeling a bit down, wasn't sure about his papers - having rows with his old man etc. He saw Miss Swatland for about four weeks and eventually packed it in as things had got better and he thought that he wasn't getting that much out of the counselling.

He had no more problems - finished his degree Ok the next year and at the beginning of this year applied for a job with the university. He gave the Student Health as a medical reference and it is presumably through this that the university found out that he had been to the counselling service.

What happened then we don't know but the end result was that Miss Swatland prepared a report on this person for the university authorities saying how long the person had been seeing her and detailing his personal pro blems and disturbances.

So friends if you are ever going to apply for a job with the university don't go within spitting distance of the Student Counselling Service cos they will sell you down the line every time.

You Know Who.