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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 7. 11th April 1973

20 May 1970 Mr Franks


Mr Franks.

My apologies for this long delay in contacting you which was caused by misunderstanding as to who was to write. Your letter of apology regarding the incident in the first floor men's toilets was received and accepted by the Executive. You are warned, however, that any further incidence of stupid behaviour will be most severely dealt with.

Yours faithfully Margaret Bryson"

Sir, this staggering revelation farces me to the conclusion that Mr Franks has duped you into producing a critical, political newspaper. He has done this in order to divert the attention away from the important question which every student will want to ask — what really did happen in the first floor toilet in May 1970? — and on to questions of little or no importance such as racism, sexism and capitalism.

Mr Steele, having it now revealed to you that your co-editor is no Marxist, but is in fact a mere toilet prankster will you reverse the priorities of your newspaper and learn to accept that boys will be boys whether they live under capitalism or communism?

Peter Wilson.

(Peter Franks replies: At last students know what their President has been doing so far this year, "browsing through some old Association files" instead of implementing his election promises. What happened on the fateful night in May 1970 was that I made a suicidal, foolhardy yet courageous attempt to strike out against the tyrannical Bryson/Knox/Phelps clique which then ruled this Association. This despotic gang would have cruelly punished me but for the speedy mobilisation of thousands of students in support. History absolved me, and I believe my adventurist act helped pave the way for amiable Graeme Collins' succession to the seat of student power.)

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