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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 7. 11th April 1973

The "Political Elites" Myth Strikes Again

The "Political Elites" Myth Strikes Again

Dear Sir,

Playing university politics must be really fun. It would be really neat to be able to stand up at meetings and speak on every crucial issue, with the knowledge and logic of so many of our university demi-gods. But alas, with my meagre qualifications my voice would be lost — drowned in the whining of my intellectual superiors. They would know I had not done Political Science 1. They would know I wasn't a member of "Hart" or "Socialist Action" or the "Anarchists". They would realise I haven't read "The Manifesto" or the works of Lenin. They would recollect I wasn't at Harewood or in the Sharpeville demonstration or outside the N.Z. Rugby Football Union meeting. Also I am ashamed to say not one member of the Executive would know me. And just between you and me I'm not too sure exactly who they are themselves. I have a sneaky suspicion the President is that blond guy who is in desperate need of a hair clip.

Why, with my qualifications, or should I say lack of qualifications, am not lit to even rub shoulders with this university elite, let alone attempt to meddle in their political game. The responsibility of acting in favour of the student body as a whole must weigh very heavily on the shoulders of these super humans. Hardest of all must be the renunciation of all personal aspirations to help foster the social, economic, moral and political needs of all students. It is common knowledge that if it wasn't for their moral obligations they would prefer to spend their time constructively some other way.

On second thoughts maybe university politics isn't that much fun after all. Even if I was equipped to join in, the inherent hardships would deter me from participating. Therefore I think my backseat is the safest place for me, especially if the runaway vehicle I am on should accidently crash.

Condolences Jon Cimino.