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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 7. 11th April 1973

new creche

new creche

Photo from a creche

Students walking past the Memorial Theatre Foyer this week may have noticed a sight unfamiliar at the university; kids, dozens of them, crawling among the photographs on display. The supplementary creche has started, slowly at first with only two children but by closing time at twelve there were fifteen children and quite a few grown-ups trying to cope with the chaos.

After several meetings to discuss what could be done to ease the great pressure on the main creche at Fairlie Terrace, the authorities agreed to let the children use the Foyer. It is comfortable and large, with more space than the original creche. In fact it is probably the most luxurious child-care centre in New Zealand with its lighting, heating, carpet, and other amenities.

The situation of the creche in the Foyer, central to most student activity, provides enormous potential for its development as an integral part of the campus. It will allow students interested in kids to come in and play with them or just hang around and watch what is going on. And of course it is ideal for essays on group theories, child development or whatever.

The creche is open for all children of students over two and costs nothing, thanks to a grant from the Student's Association. It is not set up in opposition to the Fairlie Terrace creche but is a supplement for those parents who were excluded from the other creche, or who cannot afford it or feel they can't get adequate time for study otherwise.

Everyone is welcome — the creche will be open every day from nine to twelve.