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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 7. 11th April 1973

Judee Sill — Asylum Recording

Judee Sill — Asylum Recording

Judee Sill is going to hate this record, it's so good that she'll probably spend the rest of her career trying to match the wit and intelligence of these songs. She's probably the finest female songwriter since Joni Mitchell, but her songs are not that kind of personal inquisition, nor does she use the recording booth as a confessional. Not that she hasn't had the experiences. She's been a heroin addict, a prostitute and an armed robber though by her own account that was a complete bomb. Seems she walked into the More, mean and nervous as hell, pulled out her gun and yelled "O.K. motherstickers — this is a fuckup".

With all that behind her, and with help from guys like Steve Stills she's making it as a pop singer. She writes witty, whimsical songs about tor example her attempts to find something real in spiritualism "but magic rings just turned my finger green, and my Mystic Rose has died.. I sat here wailing for God and a train, to the astral plane". But take the time to listen to this yourself before EMI delete it, and watch out for her next album, which last I heard was to be called "So you think you're A Rock 'n' Roll Singer, You Two-Bit Gnot".