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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 7. 11th April 1973

Chemical Spermicides

Chemical Spermicides

There are several chemical compounds which in low concentrations can quickly immobilise sperm beyond recovery, yet do not cause irritation of the vagina, or other structures. Preparations of these compounds are placed in the vagina before intercourse and should prevent the sperm entering the cervix and fertilising the egg.

All spermicides should be used with a mechanical barrier, e.g. diaphragm, cap or condom.

There are 4 types of spermicidal contraceptives available in New Zealand:-
a)Jellies, pastes and creams in tubes.
b)Foaming tablets.
c)Soluble pessaries.
Consumer Council tests have shown that only some of these products are reliable. They are:—
a)Volpar Paste, OrthoGynol, Ortho Creme, Preceptin Gel, Delfen Cream.
b)Only one reliable brand in New Zealand — Gynomin.
c)Only one reliable brand in New Zealand — Rendells.
d)Recommended aerosols which are available in New Zealand are— Delfen Foam, Emko Vaginal, Patentex.

Do not use any products that are not recommended here. All four of the above categories are not safe unless used in conjunction with a diaphragm or condom.