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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 7. 11th April 1973

Why March?

Why March?

On Friday April 13 woman and man all over [unclear: ew] Zealand are marching to call on tho govern[unclear: ment] to repeal the abortion laws.

The Woman's Abortion Action Committee [unclear: believes] that holding marches is an important [unclear: way] to express opposition to the present abor[unclear: on] laws, and to involve as many people as [unclear: possibla] in the demand to 'repeat the abortion [unclear: aws] — a woman's right to choose'. These [unclear: marches] may be small at this stage, but we [unclear: blieve] that they will help to publicise our aims. [unclear: bring] the issue of abortion out into the open and [unclear: bild] the pro-abortion movement.

Although marches are not the only activities [unclear: chat] the Woman's Abortion Action Committee is involved in, a march is a focus around which we can build a broad educational programme, while at the same time bringing as many people as possible into action around our demands.

There are of course a number of people who claim that they are sick of marching. Perhaps it is valuable to ask these people who exactly is sick of marching? Obviously not the majority of New Zealanders who have not even marched yet, especially not around the abortion issue. The people who are sick of marching are those few who have already marched and cannot see past their personal feelings to the thousands of other people who we have not yet reached.

We urge all those who believe that the abortion laws are unjust because they deny a woman the right to control her own body, to join us on the march on April 13 and publicly demonstrate their opposition to the present abortion laws and demand with us

'Repeal of the abortion laws'

'Free, easily available contraception'

'Voluntary sterilisation'.