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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 7. 11th April 1973

Who Decides?

Who Decides?

Opponents of abortion, though they claim it is murder, seldom go as far as to say that no abortions should be allowed. They usually consider that in some cases the woman's interests come first. Pushed to the extreme, they will concede the right to decide about abortion to doctors, psychiatrists, husbands, parents, but never to women themselves. To them, women are incapable of making their own moral decisions.

It is control of our bodies, control of our lives, that we want. The abortion laws are the most blatant denial of that control. These laws should be repealed, abolished so that women can make a free choice. No doctor, no priest, no government, no man, no-one at all should be able to over-ride a woman's decision to end her pregnancy. It is her body and her right to decide. Any law which prevents that decision from being carried out safely, and in the best conditions, is totally unjust.