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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 6. 4th April 1973


Phil Harkness may have been tossed overboard at the Dom, but the Salient ship keeps on sailing! I was in the 'Sweat and Sour' in Cuba Street the other night with my beau when I saw a really disgusting sight. A country bumpkin eating Worchester sauce sandwiches!! Low and behold it was none other than Graeme Collins of Salient. With him were the Editors, Roger Steele and Peter Franks, typiste Irene Kennedy, Publications Board member Lincoln Frisbee and his mate Bruce Robinson.

We left in high dudgeon for the Yeung Shing where I discovered Gyles Beckford, Cheryl Dimond, Lionel Frisbee and his chum Neal Pearce practising layout on the table cloth. Really it was too much to find such gaucherie displayed in Wellington restaurants.

I dropped my escort and headed straight for the university to the Salient office to make a strong complaint. Don Franks was boiling the radiator water to make tea while Robert Campbell was lecturing him on the economic history of tea plantations in the Indies. Photographers Grub and Bob Good were loudly moaning about their wages to Publications Officer Peter Boshier ("it's not my responsibility, you'll have to see the editors"). Tom Proctor was on the phone calling New York. "Please come clean with me Mr Rockerfeller or I'll expose the whole deal in Salient". The only sane person I could find to complain to was the Deputy Managing Secretary of the Union, Lindsay Rea. "Yes I quite agree. Look at their office for example, what a disgusting mess. They should be disciplined", she said, grinding her fag butt into the lino.

My heart was heavy as I left the campus. To be objective (as my editor says I must) Lloyd Weeber, Jonathan Hughes and Les Slater were doing some good work but the rest of them are a pack of dirty lazy pricks, even those nice Frisbee boys.

There's only one thing for students to do. Join the right thinking Young Socialists and boot the buggers out!

Salient office: 1st Floor, University Union Building. Phone 70-319 (ext. 75 & 81). P.O. Box 1347, Wellington, New Zealand.