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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 6. 4th April 1973

The First New Zealand Whole Earth Catalogue

The First New Zealand Whole Earth Catalogue

Front cover of The First New Zealand Whole Earth Catalogue

A mighty fine publication that will be bought, and should be bought by every hippy household in New Zealand, that will be read by every hippy member of every hippy household, and which will then lie in the bottom of the hippy bookshelf (because it is too big to stand up), until the marijuana planting season, or maybe the time of the year when you breed pigs.

Every page opens a fascinating insight in a world where practical earthy things are no longer practical. If you ever have opportunity to fatten a nice little sow, or run a milking cow on your two acres of lush grass it is likely that you won't need the whole earth catalogue. The information is there, but surely it is information which is inborn into practically every rural area in New Zealand. If you don't have the information inborn, just slip along to your nearest Government Bookshop, or your friendly Agriculture Department Farm Advisory Officer, and the book you buy off the man you ask will tell you all you need to know.

But who could tell you all the plants in New Zealand which can get you "high" not your Farm Advisory Officer, only your Whole Earth Catalogue. Who, apart from your fellow penal inmates could give you such a wealth of information on how to shoplift, only your Whole Earth Catalogue. Who, apart from your wealthy, trendy and well (if conventionally) educated friends could tell you about all the modern, trendy schools which provide the only decent education in New Zealand for those whose parents can afford to send their children there, only your Whole Earth Catalogue. Who . . . how to turn a railway carriage into a house . . . Who . . . how to start your own underground newspaper . . . Who . . . how to build a geodesic dome, buy a typewriter, make wine and beer, beat your landlord, buy a good book, start a real revolution, grow coffee, alter your consciousness . . .

There can be little doubt that this book is fascinating to read, fascinating to dream about, occasionally (for some people) fantastically useful, worth every cent of the $4.95 it costs (no profit, it claims, to the publisher) and due for a second edition this year. It's a bit like the Values Party.

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