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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 3. 14th March 1973

Racism Thriving in N.Z

Racism Thriving in N.Z.

Dear Sir,

Recently I had occasion to ring New Zealand Breweries on behalf of an Indian friend who is hoping to be sponsored by an employer here so that he can immigrate here. He is a fully trained hotel steward so naturally I thought to ask at NZ Breweries. I was referred to the Employment Boss and we chatted on famously until he said "what colour is he — is he very dark?" Try describing the colouring of one of your friends in one word to a complete stranger — it isn't easy. I wavered between burnt ochre and dark tan, but before I could reply he hastened to assure me that "it wasn't discrimination or anything like that — a lot of foreigners work in our hotels — it's just that. . . "But then, just to lighten the burden of his rascist embarrassment, I pointed out that my friend hailed originally from Mozambique and wasn't an Indian citizen. Relief whistled down the wires; "Oh well, yes well I'm sure he could get a job with us". In this way their own ignorance defeats the bosses, because if he'd known that the average citizen of Mozambique is as black as coal, he wouldn't even have stopped to say cheerio. So, folks, colour discrimination is alive and thriving in New Zealand Breweries, as it must be at many similar institutions.

Yours sincerely,

David McLatchie