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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 3. 14th March 1973

Effusion of Christian Smut

Effusion of Christian Smut


I find it rather amusing in your last edition to read about — 'a student who has found christ', and his/her opinions of this paper!

'It' audaciously proclaims, "why don't you take all your communist shit, and stick it up your greasy type-writers". Then later advances by saying, "Boys and girls should come to study and to find the blessing of Jesus in their hearts".

Firstly — if this pseudo-christian would step down from that bloody pedestal he's standing on, and think a little about the christian dogma, he would see that [unclear: e] attacking people—such ways, with such unchristian effusions of smut, is directly [unclear: e-] against christian principles, i.e. love thy neighbour, tolerance and all that 'wank-age'.

Secondly — who the hell uses Christianity as a 'yardstick' for the judgment of 'decent people'?

Finally — just because you've grasped onto something that gives you a 'pious-trip' every Sunday, along with other 'boys' and 'girls' (lovely, so sweet and adolescent!!), don't try to 'stomp' on the ideas and feelings of others, who feel just as strongly about their ideas as you bloody well feel of yours !!

Yours etc.

Brent Ellis.

P.S, If the student feels so strongly of his/her convictions, why doesn't he/she commit her name to print, as Christ committed his blood for mankind?