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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 3. 14th March 1973

Gyles Beckford Replies

Gyles Beckford Replies.

Mr Wainwright seems to have been remarkably short-sighted in his reading of the article. Firstly Karori etc. served only as examples of locales where people drink because of the social pressures. I maintained that a broad distinction can be made between those alcoholics who attempt to hold down their job, keep their family together, and do it all behind a facade of middle class respectability, and those who have no job, no family, and no home and to whom drinking is their life.

Secondly, the article did not try to give a broad coverage of the different means for, nor places of, treatment. Salient received certain allegations from both alcoholics and non-alcoholics about some of the practices of the Wellington City Mission concerning the handling of the Social Security benefit of these men. The article was primarily aimed at giving a voice to those alcoholics who were dissatisfied, and also showing that there were places other than the established centres, which were helping in some way towards alleviating the problem. The scope of the article precluded reference to Alcoholics Anonymous, the NSADP, and other services.

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