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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 3. 14th March 1973



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Great Circles: How to Build your own Dome Home. By Rupert and Felicity Glover.

The Geodesic Dome created by Buckminster Fuller has proved to be one of the best alternatives to the modern house. Made of polythene and wood, the dome combines low cost, approx $1,500, with easy building. This book sets out simple to follow instructions on all aspects of building, including choosing a site, ventilation, sealing and windows. It also provides such incidental information as the fact that the hanging of a speaker, face up to the roof, creates a stereo effect. Published by Alister Taylor the book is almost worth the $3.25 it costs.

Songs of Peace, Freedom and Protest by Tom Glazer (362pp. $1.25)

"To those innocent victims of oppression everywhere; to those who rot in jails all over the world because of their love of freedom and democracy; to the sufferers of religious bigotry and to those who lack freedom of worship; to the human victims of unasked-for aggression; to the hungry, the starving, and the poor without hope -and to the makers of these songs, this book is dedicated".

Tom Glazer

A history of social protest in song, Songs of Peace, Freedom and Protest, collected and edited by Tom Glazer, contains over 150 selections which reflect the growth of the social and political movements and issues of our time. There are union songs, civil rights songs, anti-war songs, spirituals, parodies, contemporary hits, old ragtime tunes and a sprinkling of foreign songs, many of which have never before appeared in print. Among those included are: "The Ballad of Momma Rose Parks". "Ballad of the TVA", "The British Workman's Grave", "The Cloak-maker's Union", "Come Away. Melinda", Draft Dodger Rag", "Eleven Cent Cotton", "A Housewite's Lament", "Labor's Endless Chain", "Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation", "The UAW-CIO", "Sixteen Tons" and "Joe Hill".

Tom Glazer has published two previous folk anthologies and has appeared often on TV, radio and in hundreds of concerts. He has performed often with Burl Ives, Leadbelly and Josh White. With Budd Schulberg he was songwriter and composer for the film "A Face in the Crowd". For children, Mr Glazer has written "On Top of Spaghetti" and "Big Rock Candy Mountain". Among his hits for adults was "A Worried Man", written with Dave Guard of the Kingston Trio.