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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 3. 14th March 1973

The Science Of Creative Adolescence

page 13

The Science Of Creative Adolescence

It is common knowledge that any man who has a relaxed approach to the tensions and neuroses of everyday life is less prone to both mental and physical illnesses. A life of ease and enjoyment is a life free from stress. The IMS was set up to free modern man from his chains. We have set ourselves a great goal, a vision for the future — we must save Western man from the bonds of his stereotyped existence. The key to eternal bliss is in our hands. The simple technique of transcendental masturbation practised for just four minutes twice a day in the home reaps unimaginable rewards.

Masturbation was once practised only by a remote tribe in the Andes — handed down from father to son as part of their oral tradition. But now this simple technique is available throughout the Western world. Already thousands of New Zealanders from all walks of life are practising masturbators — not as a religious belief but simply to improve their efficiency and handling of everyday affairs.

The first observable effect of T.M. is a surprisingly large amount of relaxation. Stresses and knots begin to unwind. The breathing and heartbeats become slower and more rhythmic. During their first experience with T.M. people who have led lives full of tension begin to feel sleepy. Within a few moments they awake, remarkably refreshed. The tension of years has fallen away. It is not usual to fall asleep during T.M. however. After several months of practise even hardened masturbators may find their practise dropping off — this is just a phase, a slack period we all experience from time to time. Most masturbators experience a considerable upsurge in energy shortly after coming out. The increase in energy is such that it is not recommended to masturbate immediately before going to bed as it may unduly delay the onset of normal sleep. Masturbation has been likened to stopping work at, say, cutting vegetables, in order to sharpen one's knife; or pulling back the arrow on the bow in order to shoot it forward with much greater power.

One case history: S.T. a secondary school student, had found himself increasingly prone to tension and anxiety. On the recommendation of a friend he decided to try T.M. Within a couple of weeks his whole situation changed. He graduated at the top of the class with honours in every subject and went on to Agricultural College where he majored in Animal Husbandry (until they caught him at it one day). Later on he switched to the field of medicine where he also won renown specialising in diseases of the rich.

Another case history: P.S. was a sixteen year old necrophiliac shunned by his own age group, apparently heading for a nervous breakdown when he decided to learn T.M. Within a couple of weeks he had developed a positive approach to life. He flew through college gaining a large circle of friends and finally achieved his boyhood ambition of becoming a coroner.

These are just two of the many that have been helped by T.M. But this is not the end of the battle. Many more wait to be alleviated from the pain of our complex times. As Mr P. Ness the Public Relations Officer for IMS puts it; 'the job is well in hand but there is more to come. 'It is an uphill struggle but we must not give in. We must all pull together for the task at hand and thus enable our generation to live life to the full.