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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 2. 7th March 1973

Fellow Traveller Lashes Back

Fellow Traveller Lashes Back

Editors Salient

Dear Sir,

In his "Hand Book" review Professor Philpott comments, "There are many unconsciously funny excerpts such as the comment on the academic staff". "The bulk of academics.....just simply don't know better and genuinely believe what they teach." The professor does not say why he thinks this excerpt (written by Niel Wright C.P.N.Z.) is unconsciously funny. Perhaps he believes that it is ludicrous for anyone to suggest that the omnipotence of the ivory tower may be seriously questioned.

I disagree. Further in his review Philpott states (in italics) "The Pure Marxist view must be refuted". Again he does not say why or how. And what are these "pure 'marxist views" anyway? Maoist? Stalinist? Soviet Revisionists?Trotskyite? It is such shabby writing as this that makes articles like Niel Wright's worth serious consideration. Philpott himself is not 'unconsciously funny', although one could be forgiven for seeing him merely as such. The arrogance of the comfortable intellectual has always been an enemy of the working class. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of all progressive people which will one day be ruthlessly spat out.

Don Franks