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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 25. 6 October 1972

A Chance to Enhance

A Chance to Enhance


A University newspaper, which is not only read on the campus, is very difficult to produce, and maintain a good standard, when it has not got much tangible support from staff and students of the University.

Salient editors this past year, are to be commended, on some particularly fine issues, and well researched features and eventually one provocative dialogue, between students and staff. Although one hopes all regard themselves as students learning from each other.

Dr. D.B.C. Taylor (Vice-Chancellor) in his address to the Commonwealth Press Union, looked for a greater influence and co-operation with the University and community. Such a lead, could well be taken up by Salient, developing its present, activity and widening its scope and vision to the community. With mergers and takeovers of newspapers in N.Z. and in Wellington their being a cartel now in operation — the need for a vigorous stimulating at all levels (freer news) is becoming more essential.

The Listener (the NZBC national weekly) is subject to serious problems of responsibility and editorial freedom.

The base from which the University newspapers operate could and should fulfil a wider role. Salient is in a unique position to do this in N.Z. thus fulfilling one of the Vice-Chancellor's ambitions, but also the need for such a paper.

It will of course require practical support of all Staff (including students) contributions and maybe outsiders as well. Perhaps controversially it may unify the University and community. There will be problems of editorial policy, distribution, advertising and sales, but these should not be beyond the wiles of the University staff and students.

Here's hoping and praying for some purpose and vision, in the use of Salient, for the greatest enemy to freedom (and responsible use of) is an inert people as these should not be found in universities "Power houses in the Community" A.N. Whitehead called them. Sacrifices will be required in time and effort, but this should be welcomed by all concerned. It might also even improve the Public Relations.

I.J.A. Coles.