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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 25. 6 October 1972

Never Trust an Editor

Never Trust an Editor


Your decision to close correspondence on the MSA/MSSA controversy is probably the correct one. I think we are all agreed that there was too little evidence to substantiate the allegations forwarded. It is heartening to know that even you have agreed that the Malaysian Security isn't really interested in this controversy.

However, I find your reason for stopping correspondence, viz, "Malaysians sort it our yourselves downright disgusting and patronising. I suppose you can take such an attitude because after all "they" are not part of "us". If this is the way you play, so be it. I often thought you are one of those "liberal-humanist" who knows no colour, race, creed or national barriers.


I see the MSA/MSSA disputing as a primarily Malaysian students concern. Malaysians are different from New Zealanders by virtue of several thousand years of cultural separation. You overreact sir. This is a newspaper for 6000 students and / think most of them gave up trying to follow the MSA/MSSA argument in Salient some time ago, if they ever began. / recognise colour, race, creed and national differences, and / believe its only by recognising the differences and sorting out what they are, and why they are that we will be able to have respect for each others ways with a minimum of prejudice. We are different. The problem is in your own mind.